Our Lifetime Guarantee

A true craftsman stands behind his work.  His identity and character are closely connected to the product he creates with his hands.  That is why Swan Creek Furniture offers a lifetime warranty on all its furniture.

I build furniture to last.  Extra thick doors, panels, tops, sides and shelving, as well as reinforced joinery are all expected to endure the test of time.  I also assume that my customers possess common sense, diligence and are reasonable. Their desire to own solid wood furnishings comes with an understanding that solid wood furniture possesses qualities that must be given special attention.  Its placement in the home, its treatment, and its use all play a role in its longevity. 

At Swan Creek Furniture, my collections are finished completely.  Look underneath, look inside, and look behind.  You will notice that as much consideration and attention goes into the places that are not conspicuous as does to the apparent and beautiful fronts, sides and tops. This is not just for appearance sake, but when wood is stained and sealed, the likelihood of cracking due to swelling and shrinking (something wood naturally does when it takes in moisture or releases it) is significantly decreased, but not eliminated. So while I strive to fashion outstanding furniture, it is necessary that my customers care for their purchase.  Impact by hard or heavy objects will cause dents, chips or cracks.  Moisture, found in basements and other damp locations, inflicts severe damage to furniture – especially to joints.  Direct heat contact will cause injury to the wood’s luxurious and protective finishes. 

So to maintain the beauty and function of your acquisition, wisely select its location of placement, open and close doors and drawers with gentle effort, refrain from striking or bumping the surfaces with sharp or heavy objects, and when cleaning your wood furniture, simply wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

I foresee that my quality workmanship and materials (which are backed by a lifetime warranty) coupled with your tender care, will result in your new furniture lasting for many, many years.  I will do my very best to repair any defects that are incurred due to an unexpected oversight during production, whether it be during assembly or during the finishing stage.

It is my wish that you are completely satisfied with your furniture purchase and your satisfaction is this craftsman’s greatest compliment.

Henry Katerberg, Wood Craftsman